The map of its “trendy” beaches is common knowledge. It’s difficult to deny that, considering the two-thousand kilometres of coast featuring so different shapes and strands, the colour of the sea and the human landscapes. But there is also another Sardinia, where a millennial heart beats through the architectural remains of old colonisations and makes the island an opencast museum: Nuragic sites, necropolis, Roman, Punic and Spanish traces, just to mention a few ones.

An old answer to modern flashes that just a few people know so they must be disclosed. Starting from their location, very often in the outback, that is never so far: no place in the island is more than 50 kilometres from the sea. And when the tourist season is over you can discover a different Sardinia that, except the polychromy of its waters, reveals its history set in a landscape that is a masterpiece of nature. For the ones who love the jet set, the favourite destination is Costa Smeralda where Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo stand out where the sea, everyone knows, is an elixir of emeralds, aquamarines and turquoises lapped by the colours of the Mediterranean vegetation. The mountainous heart of the region is in the outback with Barbagia and Gennargentu: a whirl of caves, rivers, gorges  and the Gorropu, a natural canyon, 400 metres deep, the deepest of Europe, a natural environment where you can go horse-riding, climbing, canoeing, hiking and spelunking.

In the South-West area of the region there are the old mines that nowadays represent a true industrial archaeological heritage under the aegis of the Geological Mining Park of Sardinia since 2001. Among these towns Iglesias, Carbonia, Montevecchio and Porto Flavia stand out, a breathless landing place where galleries flow directly into the sea. You can’t miss the traditional towns of Sardinia headed by Cagliari, they are all rich in historical charm and they will enable you to travel on the routes of time.

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