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A long “terrace” that looks out onto the Adriatic and the Ionian sea. This is Puglia, bright, friendly and at the same time sumptuous like the baroque architecture of its towns. This region attracts for the beauty of its landscapes and for its historical and artistic richness: from the Norman-Svevian castles to the old “trulli”, from the baroque churches and palaces to the Roman cathedrals.

Then the countryside – with farms and stretches of old olive trees - leaning towards the coast with a sea that remind the “Carabbean” in the Salento area. Puglia is also the longest region of Italy with one thousand kilometres of coast, it can be divided into six big areas: Lecce and Salento, Gargano and its islands and the Daunia, the imperial Puglia, the area of Bari and Murge, the Ionian coast and the Murgia around Taranto, “trulli” and the Itria valley.
In the area of Nettuno and on the Adriatic sea side the archipelago of Tremiti stands out, a natural paradise with sea beds full of caves, Vieste, Peschici, Rodi and Vico standing out against the rocky coast of Gargano.

From the Southern area of Monopoli you can reach Otranto and the white Ostuni and also the WWF oasis of Torre Guaceto. In the area of Brindisi there is the amazing peninsula of Salento. The beaches of the Ionian coast of Salento are the Italian Maldives and Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo deserve a visit, too while in the Northern side of the gulf of Taranto the beaches are surrounded by pine forests.
You can’t miss the many white “trulli” of Alberobello (Bari) and the Itria Valley – they belong to Unisco – as well as the large farms, the symbol of the peasant civilization, strictly linked to the history of this land: these buildings are surrounded by thick walls that contain wide gardens where the chapel is located and where olive trees, almond trees or vineyards are grown according to the type of soil. Getting around the country-side you can meet big farms that remind the Gentilitian palaces of Veneto country-side while a number of them look like castles, especially the ones that are located near the coast.

In Puglia there are plenty of routes full of history, art, nature and culture. The National Museum of Taranto stands out – it is a temple of Magna Greece – or the arcane manor of Frederick II that is called Castel del Monte (Bari) or the very charming view of buildings and palaces in the Duomo square in Lecce – among the best expressions of the Baroque in Puglia -, or the rocky settlements of the province of Taranto, headed by the ones of Massafra.
Then the nature, that besides the sea also offers a number of lanes and hills and the famous Tavoliere, widely cultivated and laid between Cerignola and San Severo as far as the eye cans see, or the limestone Murge whose ripples reach the Ionian sea without being interrupted.

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