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Pizza: frugal and… “immortal”!

It is one of the National glories - in 2011 the pizza from Naples asked Unesco to be recognized as immaterial patrimony of human kind, and its identity card reveals a very old tradition. It seems that pizza was born around three thousand years ago, at least according to a group of historians who gathered in San Francisco. These experts also stated that the word “pizza” probably comes from the Latin word “picea”. The world was first pronounced in Naples in 1535 during the lunch organized for Bona Sforza and Sigismondo I king of Poland. So, it seems that pizza and aristocracy were strictly bound.

A curiosity: after being spread, the legends say that pizza was bought by the ones who couldn’t immediately pay for it! In fact it was paid eight days after being eaten. Even these strange stories made pizza from Naples immortal, the triumph of the five senses: the sight because of the contrast between the green of basil and the white of mozzarella, the red of the tomato sauce and the green of basil, the hearing because of the cracking of wood in the oven, the smell because of the unmistakable fragrance, the  touch since according to the tradition, pizza must be cut into four pieces and eaten using hands and finally the taste to celebrate this very famous typical  Italian product.

Did you know that…
The name of pizza Margherita comes from the chef Raffaele Esposito who coke the pizza with tomato and mozzarella in 1889 to celebrate the visit to Naples  of the Queen of Italy Margherita di Savoia.

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