Lake Orta

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The breath of the lake

The magic of Lake Orta: a tiny lively jewel in one of the most gentle landscapes of Italy. A lake that enchanted the philosophers and the poets from Nietsche to Balzac as well as the Russian poet Lou Salomè. Without forgetting Gianni Rodari who was born in Omegna – a small town on the Northern edge of the lake to whom the Fantasy Park is dedicated as a gift to this Italian writer and the author of “La grammatica della fantasia” (The Grammar of Fantasy). The imagination of Rodary and the lake are strictly related, the power of touching, a timeless atmosphere where you can plunge like in a fairy tale.

 Lake Orta must be slowly discovered starting from its main village, Orta San Giulio: a tiny village that looks out on the water in a peninsula of the Eastern shore, full of narrow streets and corners with Baroque buildings with loggias, wrought iron balconies, courtyards and arcades. From Orta San Giulio you can reach the oval island of San Giulio by ferry where you can visit one of the most important Roman monuments of that area, the cathedral of San Giulio. On the other hand the sacred mountain of Orta belongs to the Unesco’s Heritage; it is made of a group of twenty frescoed chapels and a number of big clay statues. Within the same type of choreography we also suggest Miasino followed by the Roman Church of San Filiberto in Pella, with fourteen chapels dating back to the XVIIIth century. A breathless view is offered from the panoramic viewpoint of Quarna Sopra: not only on Lake Orta but on the clearest days up to the Liguria Apennines. .

The Mottarone is a masterpiece of nature, twenty minutes from the lake, an outdoor available ground for a number of different sports. A lake for all seasons, the Lake Orta and behind it the Strona Valley stretches out with its gurgling river, the villages and the caves. The cave of witches for instance in Samburghetto, narrow tunnels and caves with sand stalagmites and a drop of forty-four metres. Courtyards and open gardens in Ameno, on the Eastern shore of the lake, on a hill, surrounded by green areas..

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