Alpe di Siusi


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Alpe di Siusi, in the sign of the sun

There isn’t an ideal season to discover the Alpe di Siusi. People generally think about it in Winter because of the great number of white tracks that this jewel from Alto Adige can offer to its visitors but it isn’t just that. Less than thirty minutes from Bolzano by car, it will attract you with its 56 square kilometres of mountain pasture and around 300 sunny days a year. It is the highest upland of Europe, between 1.800 and 2.950 metres of height and it is called the Alpe di Siusi.

The name of the upland is Sciliar-Catinaccio where the natural park that got the same name is located featuring a surface of 6.796 hectares. It is the best destination for tourists in Spring, Summer and Winter and it is the reign of skiing in Winter, all types of skiing where all needs can be met. A huge network of tracks and ski-lifts, 60 kilometres of tracks and 80 kilometres of cross-country skiing rings surrounded by a breathless landscape. Wide spaces, beauty, personality, the skyline of the mountains that can be admired when skiing or by using your little slay and when hiking around or when performing the cross-country skiing. You can even take a walk sitting on a sleigh that is pulled by the aveglinesi horses, the local horses that feature a mane of the colour of honey from the tarassaco – running through the white planes in an amazing setting surrounded by Dolomiti.

On the other hand, throughout the whole year the landscape changes its colours and gets the shades of the different seasons and it invites you to visit the castles, the Gothic churches that sounds coming out of postcards, the farmhouses and the old frescoed houses. Everything is kept in a number of places that have an old tradition and history and a catching charm that you cannot avoid: Castelrotto, Siusi allo Sciliar, Fiè allo Sciliar. These are three main areas that are close to the Alpe di Siusi and they represent the fantastic tourist attraction of the Sciliar Uplands. The main place is Castelrotto – its name comes from Castellum Ruptum that means “destroyed castle” – and it shows off a tiny walking city area, very charming and featured by a peculiar aspect: on the main square, far from the opposite church there is a tower-bell dating back to the XVIIIth century. One of the original eight bells is still manually rung. The village is dominated by the remains of the ancient castle and the ones of a Roman fortification where the Baroque Chapel of Calvario is located as well.  

 Siusi allo Sciliar deserves to be seen every month of the year, it is one of the favourite tourist destinations in this area where you can relax and do sports: horse-riding, mini-golf, squash, paragliding, hang-gliding, go fishing and… swimming into the panoramic outdoor pool. In the quiet tiny village of Fiè allo Sciliar you can enjoy the pleasure of tasting good food since that area is famous for its wine and food delicacies.

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