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There are four casinos in Italy: they are located in important palaces and they open their doors to the goddess of luck that walks around the gambling rooms starting from Campione d’Italia (Como, Lombardia), and then she stretches up to the western shore of Lugano Lake. Half an hour by car from Milan, the casino of Campione d’Italia, with its nine floors and 55.000 square meters is the biggest in Europe: this futuristic structure was designed by the architect Mario Botta, it offers a unique experience, a mix of fun, glamour and relaxation.

The journey to discover other roulettes and similar things continues in Liguria, in the city of San Remo where the oldest casino of Italy is located; the building, in Liberty style with new-baroque decorations, was designed  by the architect Eugène Ferret and it was inaugurated in 1905. From the oldest to the newest: in 1947 the famous words “Messieurs, faites vos jeux” were pronounced for the first time in Saint-Vincent (Val d’Aosta). Since then, thousands of gamblers went through the rooms of one of the most elegant European casinos that has  been able to renew and keep at the same time its own identity: tradition is its peculiarity, in fact the games are still run by the croupier while many other gambling houses have turned to the slot machines.
On the Italian eastern shore there is Venice (Veneto), rising as a flower on the water. And the queen of the art goes two ways, with two places dedicated to the games: the historical seat on Canal Grande, Ca’ Vendramin Calergi and a modern one next to Marco Polo airport, Ca’ Noghera. Ca’ Vendramin Calergi was designed by Mauro Codussi and it was the last house of Richard Wagner, it is  one the highest expression of Renaissance in Italy and offers a series of classical games in a smart and simple atmosphere. Its tournaments of chemin de fer and roulette are famous, while Ca’ Noghera is specialized in the electronic games in an informal environment.


Did you know that…
The casino of Saint-Vincent has a long history of famous gamblers. The first famous guests were Tyron Power and Linda Christian, then even James Bond entered the casino’s history. Sean Connery won more than 20 million lire in 1936 by betting on a lucky 17 that came out three times.

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