Secular charm

Historical residences and castles: time coffers with histories carved in the stones and a big load of suggestions. The historical residences keep the undisputed charm of the past and enable their visitors to go back in time and feel the charm of old artistic and architectural Italian treasures.

The proverbial fascination of noble walls together with the histories and the epical deeds that occurred in those places – and also the simple legends, together with towers, frescoed galleries, the walks of arms, the bastions and the dungeons feature a wide range of feelings and they always produce the same result: old residences are very much appreciated. On every corner of the country, where old residences show their strong link with the territory, a relationship that makes each residence a small universe, unique and unrepeatable. You say “historical residences”, and you’ll raise the curtain on many different realities, from the Patrician residences to the noble ones, the countryside residences, the castles, the palaces rich in works of art and collections and façades that are very often protected by the Monuments and Fine Arts Service.
If you want to travel at the discovery of the Italian historical residences you’ll set your compass between the Middle Ages and the XIXth century, a period that contains a huge amount of historical treasures that feature the Italian territory.


Did you know that…
A typical aspect shared by the Italian historical residences is the big quantity of parks and gardens in the Italian style that embellish them, with plants and flowers featuring a number of different colors, shades and scents. A wing offering a high stage effect, very often with a belvedere, statues and fountains.

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