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Milan, lively and gifted

Shows from the showrooms, music in the museums, exhibitions in the restaurants. That s the contemporary Milan: from the capital of the Western Empire to the International capital of business, fashion and design. Milan unveils monuments and places that tell about past centuries and go towards a bright future getting through a sparkling present.

Discovering Milan means starting an adventure through the revelation: a proactive, generous and brilliant town, a “Milan four seasons”, by day and by night, “in service” and “off-hour”. Milan is always there, in case of need or for fancy, to meet someone, to leave and come back. A kaleidoscopic Milan, featured by unlimited shades, the core of creativeness, art, culture and architecture. They say that the town’s stones and monuments can speak and tell the story they witnessed in the past.

That’s true, the world that will come to the ancient Mediolanum – that’s the way the town was called in the Roman Age – will see the movie of history in the streets and will recognize the symbols and highlights that have built the fame of this town around the world. Any landmarks? The Cathedral, the Royal Palace, La Scala - the Opera House -, the Sforzesco Castle, the complex of S. Maria delle Grazie, Brera Art Gallery, the Museum of Science and Technology, the Museum of the 20th century, the Borromean Palace, the Triennale Art Gallery, the Arch of Peace and the Cenacolo with “The Last Supper”, masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, and it’s not by chance that the Expo 2015 logo is the “Vitruvian Man” by Leonardo, the worldwide acknowledged symbol of the Italian Renaissance Culture.

Let’s go through the centuries from the XVIth century to the third Millennium; Milan is experiencing an extraordinary urban new life and the coming of new spotlights. The present town is made of precious areas, if we consider the extraordinary implication represented by the renewed spaces dedicated to the art and culture. You can see the art exhibitions in the showrooms, mainly in the “quadrilateral area of fashion” – in Milan, the fashion is what Ferrari and the Grand prix of Italy is in Monza: it is on stage in the large city and it’s performed all over the world while in the temples of exhibition such as Brera, Pac, Museum of Cloisters of S. Eustorgio and the Sforzesco Castle, the concerts of brilliant European musicians are held. The home of Jazz is Milan, not only in the historical locals but even in the most elegant environments: La Scala Theatre – the temple of Opera singing – and the Conservatory.

All that because Milan is a naturally restless town, dynamic, the favourite site for experimentation and avant-garde. An icon of the past and the present, a multi-faceted town where the modern elements perfectly match to its history and its artistic views.

Luciana Francesca Rebonato

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